SEHA in Poland – bronze medallist Croatia along and Vardar’ silvers

EURO 2016

Germany has, by beating Spain in finals on Sunday, concluded 12th Men’s European championship. SEHA has a medal with Croatia winning it in battle for third place beating Norway 31:24. Spain is with three Vardar’ players and one from Veszprem second and we can really say that SEHA has proved to be Europe’s second strongest League - right after German Bundesliga. Croatia was in semi-final defeated by Spain with 33:29.

SEHA’s best scorers on EC are Vardar’ left wingers Timur Dibirov and Dejan Manaskov both with 32 goals and with PPD Zagreb’s bronze Zlatko Horvat right after them with 31. Best goalkeeper is Vardar’ Arpad Šterbik for Spain.

Next big competition are Olympics in Rio with WCh in France, on which Croatia has already secured a place, coming in a year. After that, in 2018,  Croatia will host EC. Important is that in qualifications for WCh in France SEHA’s representatives Hungary and Serbia will play against each other along with Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Sweden, Montenegro vs. Russia, Macedonia vs. Czech Republic and Belarus vs. Latvia.



Timur Dibirov       Vardar        Russia         32 goals

Dejan Manaskov    Vardar        Macedonia   32 goals

Zlatko Horvat        PPD Zagreb          Croatia        31 goals

Ivan Slišković       Veszprem    Croatia        30 goals

Siarhei Shylovich   Meshkov     Belarus        25 goals

Laszlo Nagy          Veszprem    Hungary      21 goals

Sergei Gorbok       Vardar        Russia         21 goals

Maksim Baranau    Meshkov     Belarus        18 goals

Andrey Yurynok    Meshkov     Belarus       17 goals

Jorge Maqueda      Vardar        Spain          17 goals

Pavel Atman         Meshkov      Russia        14 goals

Stojanče Stoilov    Vardar         Macedonia   13 goals

Andreas Nilsson    Veszprem    Sweden       13 goals

Igor Karačić         Vardar         Croatia        12 goals

Aron Palmarsson   Veszprem    Iceland        12 goals

Gergo Ivanscik     Veszprem    Hungary      11 goals

Cristian Ugalde      Veszprem    Spain          11 goals

Luka Šebetić         PPD Zagreb Croatia        9 goals

Alex Dujshebaev    Vardar        Spain          9 goals

Daniil Shishkarev   Vardar        Russia         8 goals

Maxim Babichev    Meshkov   Belarus         7 goals

Gašper Marguč     Veszprem    Slovenia      6 goals

Mijajlo Marsenić    Vardar        Serbia         4 goals

Dzmitry Nikulenkau   Meshkov     Belarus    4 goals

Timuszin Schuch   Veszprem   Hungary      3 goals

Filip Lazarov         Vardar        Macedonia   3 goals

Antonio Kovačević         PPD Zagreb Croatia        3 goals

Luka Cindrić         Vardar        Croatia        2 goals

Miloš Orbović       Vojvodina    Serbia         1 goal

Velko Markoski     PPD Zagreb Macedonia 1 goal

Ilija Abutović        Vardar         Serbia         -


Arpad Šterbik       Vardar         Spain          63 saves

Roland Mikler       Veszprem    Hungary      43 saves

Mirko Alilović       Veszprem    Croatia        41 saves

Ivan Stevanović    PPD Zagreb Croatia        49 saves


Veselin Vujović     PPD Zagreb          Slovenia      coach