The idea of creating the handball Regional league which will bring strong and unpredictable games, full halls, and matches that will help players to mature and become more experienced and clubs to be competitive on international level began to mature.

Few national handball federations began with the realization of this idea, and best two clubs from each country has to play in new Regional League. Every beginning is difficult, fraught with uncertainty, but desire to make quality league were bigger than any problems.

When in 2010 began the first meeting about the new Regional handball league many saw this is "mission impossible". Very quick came the positive reactions, and the national federations of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Slovakia recognized quality.

The new league will exit "domestic borders", entering new handball market. What they started then support by Belarus and Serbia, and now the SEHA League has teams from seven countries.

The SEHA league (South East Handball Association) consists of two phases – the first has 18 rounds in which all teams play one home and one away game against each other. After that the four best ranked clubs play the Final Four.

The winner automatically retains the right to play again next season. Other places would be filling with the best teams from each country participating in the SEHA League.

In the first season of SEHA league (2011/2012) played teams of: Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb, Nexe, Metaloplastika, Crvena Zvezda, Tatran, Bosna Sarajevo, Borac Banja Luka, Izvidjac, Sutjeska, Lovcen, Vardar and Metalurg.

The Final Fort played in Zagreb: Croatia Osiguranje, Tatran, Vardar and Metalurg. Winner was Vardar Skopje.

The second season of SEHA league (2012/2013) joined the team of Meshkov Brest from Belarus, but not played teams from Serbia due to busy calendar of playing in domestic championship.

League consist teams from Croatia Osiguranje, Nexe, Borac Banja Luka, Sloga Doboj, Izvidjac, Tatran Presov, Lovcen, Vardar, Metalurg and Meshkov Brest.

Final four tournament was played in Skopje, among: Vardar, Metalurg, Croatia Osiguranje and Meshkov Brest. Winner was Croatia osiguranje

Any good idea quickly recognized, so the new partner of SEHA League, Russian giant GAZPROM decided to be a major sponsor of the league. The vision of the league is to become a global project that will bring quality, distinctive to this region, which will be equal to the largest European brands, while SEHA - GAZPROM South Stream League among three strongest leagues in Europe.

They had the vision, the dream began to realized, need a lot of hard work, everyone are aware that have to invest. This is only way to reach desired.

04.10.Nexe:MVM Veszprem21:35
29.09.Vardar:Tatran Prešov39:32
26.09.Nexe:Borac m:tel30:25
23.09.Maks Strumica:Borac m:tel30:30
21.09.Meshkov Brest:Vojvodina31:22
19.09.Spartak Vojput:Nexe26:32
19.09.PPD Zagreb:Maks Strumica42:13
12.09.Nexe:Tatran Prešov31:32
12.09.Spartak Vojput:Borac m:tel32:29
12.09.MVM Veszprem:Vojvodina44:21
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06.10.Spartak Vojput:Vardar19:00h
06.10.Borac m:tel:PPD Zagreb20:00h
08.10.Tatran Prešov:Vojvodina18:00h
12.10.Meshkov Brest:Borac m:tel19:00h
19.10.PPD Zagreb:Vardar17:30h
21.10.Vojvodina:Borac m:tel19:30h
22.10.Spartak Vojput:Maks Strumica19:00h
25.10.Tatran Prešov:Borac m:tel18:00h
28.10.Vardar:Meshkov Brest17:45h
28.10.Tatran Prešov:PPD Zagreb18:00h
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