Veszprem thriller win over Kiel to meet Kielce in EHF CL Final Four final

Veszprem - Kiel

SEHA Gazprom reigning champions Hungarian Veszprem will play in EHF CL Final Four final against Polish Kielce! They were in semi-final in Cologne better than German Kiel after one extra-time period with 31:28. Incredible Ilić was once again leading the score-list with 8 goals, Marguč added 6, Palmarsson and Ugalde 4 each.

Here are press conference statements from after the match:

Xavi Sabate, Veszprem coach:

Kiel has played an excellent match, they’ve had a great opportunity to win it. I want to congratulate my players on believing in themselves and succeeding in the end, taking this victory. Very important win for us.  

Gašper Marguč, Veszprem player:

We’ve believed that we can win this match. We were able to stay close but I don’t think anyone believed in us clinching final with Kiel being two goals up late into the second half but here we are. Very tough, tense match and I believe fans have really enjoyed it.  

They will in final meet Polish Kielce which was in second semi-final better than Paris Saint Germain with 28:26.


Final is scheduled for Sunday, 18.00 CET. Hajra Veszprem!