TATRAN PRESOV: New face of old Tatran


This season we will have a chance to see a brand new face of one of SEHA Gazprom League's oldest members - Tatran from Prešov. In the second part of the last season, Rastislav Trtik started reforming the team, rejuvenation process. Now they no longer have goalie Vladimir Bozic, playmaker Vasja Furlan who has decided to continue his career in France, Aleksandr Radcenko, giant Andrej Petro, best SEHA scorer Radoslav Antl and last season' key player Michal Kopco who has chosen to continue his career in Portuguese Sporting.

Trtik is dealing with the challenge of creating an almost whole new team where main roles are given to players who have decided to stay in Presov - Krok, Cip, L. Urban and Peskov.

To make things a bit easier for them, club' leaders have decided to acquire services of several quality players - middle back from Borac Banja Luka Stefan Jankovic, Ukrainian national team player Vadim Brazhnjyik who will stand between posts, young pivot Leon Vucko from Varazdin, great hope of Slovakia Marek Pales and Russian back Roman Carapkin.

Tatran have entered the rejuvenation process on purpose after stagnation in the last few years. In five seasons they have managed to reach the final tournament of the competition three times, but notin the last season, which was also another reason to trigger the process. Young team will need some time to adapt but knowing Trtik and the fast flowing style he prefers, they might even be the biggest surprise of the next season, potential dark horse of the competition that's for sure.