METALURG: Cervar and his boys are back


Metalurg from Skopje will, after a one year break, return to SEHA Gazprom League. They are Macedonian vice champions and members of EHF CL. Proof of the value was EHF' invitation for CL last season although they were not second in the national championship. Although they are a completely different team from the times when they were in charge in Macedonia they have managed to reach the expectations. 

Some youngsters have managed to become a lot better with Lino Cervar and they will carry Metalurg in the season ahead. Those are surely Filip Taleski. Filip Kuzmanovski, Marko Nelovski and Goran Krstevski along with pivot Zarko Pesevski and goalkeeper Danijel Dupjacanec. Next season will clearly prove if investing in youngsters was a good decision for Metalurg.

They have also managed to reinforce a bit with Serbian goalie Darko Arskic, Croatian winger Martin Marcec, experienced Serbian middle or left back Nemanja Obradović along with many Macedonians who will look for their chance in such a strong lineup - Darko Dimitrijevski, Goran Pecakoski, Stefan Drogriski.

However, strongest side of Metalurg' youth remains Lino Cervar, former Croatian national team coach - world champion and Olympic gold medalist.