IZVIDJAC: Old school, young guns


After being a part of SEHA League in premier two seasons Izvidjac from Ljubuski did not manage to reach it in last 3 seasons after reducing spots for Bosnia and Herzegovina from 3 to 1. However, famous handball school which has produced some big names like Alilovic, Buntic, Terzic, brothers Buric... is still working. Izvidjac has managed to rise on its products reaching the title in Bosnia and Herzegovina and taking over SEHA role from Borac Banja Luka.

Zdenko Grbavac leads the team, the youngest team of the competition it will definitely be a great challenge for them to play in it. Roster of 20 players has 7 18-year olds, the oldest player is 28-year old Josip Kvesic and after him there is no one older than 24. One of their biggest talents has joined Zagreb but the rest of the team which has reached the crown in domestic championship is still there with three more youngsters joining them following club' tradition.

Expectations? It is obvious that playing a competitive match would already be a big accomplishment for them and each win would be a prize for their youth. However, no one will just take an easy walk playing in Ljubuski.

New names are left winger David Mandic from Croatian junior national team and Matej Hrstic - back player. Back Josip Sarac from Croatian younger national team squads is there too and team leaders are young Croatian national team player Ante Grbavac along with goalie Matej Ivankovic.

Big experience for a team which will do nothing but rise in the future.