CELJE: Big name and young stars

Celje 2

Celje Pivovarna Lasko will for the first time compete in SEHA Gazprom League. Team from Celje is one of long lasting names in whole European club handball. Members of EHF CL company with a title back from 2004. Club with a long tradition, famous school which provides them with talents in present times as well as in the past. Knowing that Celje confidently manages to keep the crown from year to year in Slovenia and that Slovenia is a part of world handball elite even booking a place in Olympics it is clear that SEHA has a big reinforcement signed for the new season.

Team from Celje did not change much comparing to the last season. Coach Branko Tamse lost line player Blaz Blagotinsek who has joined Veszprem but club has already managed to fill the spot signing Kristijan Beciri, former player of Maribor and Gorenje.

Despite of that roster stayed the same, players have an experience of one more year behind them which is extremely importnant knowing that Celje is a young team.

There is no doubt that their youngsters - left hander Bla┼ż Janc and playmaker Miha Zarabec will draw a lot of attention to themselves. Those are two extraordinary players and a guarantee of Celje's high goals. By them Celje will hace young national team players Vid Poteko on the line and Urban Lesjak between bars. Adding two foreign players - Brasilian Patrianova and Latvian Babarskas and experienced duo of Luka Zvizej who keeps the rhytm and defense going along with goalie Ivan Gajic confirms that it will not be easy to conquer Zlatorog this season.

Amazing fans 'Florijani' known all around Europe will surely also prove to be a big plus for Celje.