Hall in Cetinje with 2000 seats

Hala Lovćen

Lovcen will probably not get new sports hall in due time, but sports fans in Cetinje next season, finally, will have a greater comfort when watch handball games.
This days starts works in SC "Lovcen" necessary to meet the requirements ask by Gazprom South Stream SEHA League, primarily with regard to the capacity of the hall, which, after adaptation will meet the required capacity of 2,000 seats.
"Lovcen the September 12, will meet all the requirements, according the regulations, and will be organizational ready for the start of the regional competition. Lovers, said Dragan Raznatovic, President of Lovćen, and also the director of the SC "Lovcen. 
If hall pass SEHA League inspection Lovcen will play all their matches at home on Friday (at 18 hours), with live coverage of RTCG.
Lovćen first match at home is scheduled forSeptember 13 against Metalurg

08.10.Tatran Prešov:Vojvodina31:20
06.10.Borac m:tel:PPD Zagreb21:35
06.10.Spartak Vojput:Vardar27:36
04.10.Nexe:MVM Veszprem21:35
29.09.Vardar:Tatran Prešov39:32
26.09.Nexe:Borac m:tel30:25
23.09.Maks Strumica:Borac m:tel30:30
21.09.Meshkov Brest:Vojvodina31:22
19.09.Spartak Vojput:Nexe26:32
19.09.PPD Zagreb:Maks Strumica42:13
Next fixtures
12.10.Meshkov Brest:Borac m:tel19:00h
19.10.PPD Zagreb:Vardar17:30h
21.10.Vojvodina:Borac m:tel19:30h
22.10.Spartak Vojput:Maks Strumica19:00h
25.10.Tatran Prešov:Borac m:tel18:00h
28.10.Vardar:Meshkov Brest17:45h
28.10.Tatran Prešov:PPD Zagreb18:00h
28.10.Borac m:tel:MVM Veszprem19:00h
28.10.Nexe:Maks Strumica19:00h
29.10.Vojvodina:MVM Veszprem19:30h
Listed local starting times