New coach continues winning streak

Vardar Nexe

A day after Vardar fired coach Zoran Kastratovic team celebrate in Skopje in highly uncertain match versus Nexe, and Macedonian champion won 29-27 (16-15) which is fourth win this season in SEGA GSS league. Home team brake guest resistance in last ten minutes after Nemanja Pribak score for 26-23, which was first time some team to lead with three goals.


Vardar decides to rest several key players like Alexey Rastvortsev, Igor Karacic, Petar Angelov, Timur Dibirov, Matjaz Brumen and Strahinja Milic. For first time this season in line up was included Stefan Terzic, left hander that came in Skopje from HSV Hamburg. Due to injures he miss several games, but will have to wait for other chance to "touch the ball" just like Vladimir Nedanovski. Both stay on bench whole game.


For Vardar temporarily coach Andon Boskovski this was important win before Sunday EHF Champions League game versus PSG. This was first time he lead Vardar as coach, without assistant next to him on bench.


" Many thanks to my players for the good game, to our supporters for great atmosphere in hall. I thing that Nexe plays best handball style at SEHA GSS League, and it is our pleasure to play against them. It was very hard match; the result was so close during whole game. For us it is a problem when have a lead of 2 -3 goals, and instead to make it 4 -5, we are making mistakes. I hope that we will continue to winning rhythm during the upcoming SEHA games, said Andon Boskovski.


Nexe again show great performances, young players fight till the last minutes, and goalkeeper Perica Lelic was main culprit saving 16 balls (including one penalty) and just because of him Nexe was not defeated by bigger goal deference.


We were fighting for each ball until the last minute, but we could not catch them. Anyway, we have to be satisfied with the way that we played tonight, said guest goalkeeper Perica Lelic.


Coach Zdenko Kordi made frequent changes in the team to give everyone a chance. And these make result, because Nexe never allow to Vardar to make bigger lead than two goals. They play very aggressive in defense, have 12 minute exclusions, and Luka Sokolic get red card for unsportsmanlike move in 34 minutes. But this does not disrupt the Nexe players. They continue to push and make pressure, and to score each time after Vardar net the ball.


"I 'm always happy when I play in Skopje. After the game against Metalurg, we knew that will be very hard to play tonight. Here in Macedonia handball is so popular, and Macedonian supporters understand very well this sport. I want to congratulate to the host supporters for their behavior during the game, I want also congratulate to Vardar for the win, but also to my team, because we played very well. We have some new players this season, and I believe that we can improve our game, said Zdenko Kordi, coach of Nexe.


In next round, Vardar play versus Lovcen in Skopje, and Nexe will face Partizan in Belgrade.