Derby of Champions , rivals and friends

Дерби на шампиони, ривали и пријатели

Vardar Nexe


Match in Zagreb on Sunday (17.30) is not only a game between two Top teams of SEHA GSS league, but duel of the two previous winners, the teams that were among the biggest promoters for the creation of this Regional League, Vardar Skopje and Zagreb Croatia Osiguranje. No matter how good relationship is between clubs, on court will be "real war".

Vardar in the first season of SEHA became champion even started Final Four tournament as outsider beating Zagreb CO in the semifinals. Zagreb returned with similar performances this spring when triumphs in Skopje in F4 tournament. Zagreb and Vardar played extra times in final game and Zagreb win 25-24.

Now it's time for the first mutual duel this season.

- Last year we took point in Zagreb, and then celebrate in Skopje during the regular season. Now Zagreb follows a trend of rejuvenation, and I liked it. They had a good left and right backs, as both can play in the strongest leagues in Europe ,experienced center back - Valcic, and good wings. Generally Zagreb have, quite good "set of players" says Nemanja Pribak, Vardar center -back, and last year was part of the team that played in the F4 tournament .

Although it is derby and declared as duel of "Giants " for Vardar, this is normal game like many others, without too much pressure.

- We understand the match like any normal, and we play to win. Have prepared some tactics. We can "take" something from team of Veszprem, as they easily won in Zagreb in the EHF Champions League. But nobody won easily in Zagrebso far, says Pribak

Every team has its good and bad sides. The most important thing is how you use your own potential.

- Our good side is a players rotation. We have 2 good players for each position . Here 's our chance , and lately we quite use this rotations. Zagreb is well in developing fast play. Maybe have stronger backs, that could shoot from 10-12meters. It is a young team that many runs, says Pribak

This play Zagreb now pushing, is not very fit for Vardar.

- We do not fit such a game, but with the rotation of players we can adapt to everything. We also have a chance and we will not give up .

Project on Regional League is getting better , and that all recognized and proven results .

- I find more suited to playing this way, every week a strong game. These powerful matches are a better option than playing against a weaker team, and then the Champions League. We should understand that SEHA GSS league seriously.

Vardar this season sign many reinforcements, and famous players. Is there pressure to you to have to win as many trophies?

- Honestly, the pressure is lower than last year. Now we play to win on each game, but we left room for improvements, and it is good for us . This season we have more room for it, believes Pribak .

If Vardar and Zagreb are favorites, still remain two places for F4?

- I look Vardar as winner, and on the tournament would play also Zagreb, Metalurg and Tatran., In case to be played Final 6 then will be place for Meshkov Brest also, which is a good team , but play badly, said Nemanja Pribak.