Best 7 March

Best 7 September

The last matches of the regular part of the season are behind us, and after 90 of them played, we found out all the participants of the final tournament in the 8th season. Brest and Belarus will, for the second time, host the best handball players of the SEHA – Gazprom League, but this time in a different edition. Vardar, Meshkov Brest and PPD Zagreb are the teams that felt the experience of playing at the Final 4 in the Victorya Hall, and this year Nexe will fight for the trophy, too. Things got clearer only in the last round, and in the next minutes check out which players were in the spotlight in intense and extremely interesting matches in the end of the regular part of the SEHA – Gazprom League!

Goalkeeper: Moreno Car (Nexe)
Even though, Nexe players achieved one win and two losses in March, Moreno Car picked up 27 saves. The award for the best goalkeeper of the month was deserved after a phenomenal match in the win against Macedonian Vardar. In the first win against the reigning champions after five years, Car had 16 saves. The most attractive ones came in the last minutes and got everyone in the hall on their feet! This season, Moreno Car collected 135 saves in total, with 34% success rate and is the best in the League in both categories.

Left winger: Milos Grozdanic (Vojvodina)
A dream season for Milos Grozdanic ended phenomenally. In the last two appearances this young SEHA League star, scored 5 goals against Nexe in a big win, and then 8 versus Izvidjac. Those two matches were enough to secure the title for the top scorer of the eighth SEHA – Gazprom League season, with 102 goals in a season!

Left back: Petar Djordjic (Meshkov Brest)
For the second month in a row, Petar Djordjic is the best left back in SEHA – Gazprom League. Serbian back player caught great form ahead of the upcoming FInal 4. First, he scored 8 goals in Skopje against Vardar, and then added 6 more with 3 assists against PPD Zagreb in Brest. Last season he missed the Final 4 because of injury, and that was definitely motivating in achieving fantastic form in 2019. The best left back- Petar Djordjic!

Centre back: Lukas Urban (Tatran Presov)
Despite only being 23, Lukas Urban is playing like a real veteran. In two wins this month, Urban was the main playmaker of his team. He was brilliant against Metalurg with 5 goals and 5 assists, and played very well in a win over PPD Zagreb, with 3 goals. Urban ended the season with the most assists in the League, with 46 in total, which is 11 more than last season. Slavko Goluza must be happy with his contribution this season.

Right back: Bruno Butorac (Tatran Presov)
If Urban took care of playmaking, Bruno Butorac was definitely in charge of scoring goals. He scored 5 against Metalurg, and then 9 in the last-round win in Zagreb. In the last 3 rounds, he is averaging almost 8 goals per match, which is enough for Butorac to finish the season with 90 goals. For the second season in a row, he is the second-best League scorer, which is a fantastic accomplishment for this 24-year old, but also a great proof that there is no fear for the future!

Right winger: Darko Djukic (Meshkov Brest)
Meshkov finished the regular season with 3 wins against teams that will also participate at the Final 4. They knocked down Vardar, PPD Zagreb and finally Nexe. Against Vardar, Darko Djukic scored two goals in the last minute and decided the match. But, he was even better against Nexe, because he scored 9 goals in Nasice, for the second time this season. This Serbian international has been, this season, the top scorer of Belarusian champions with 57 goals. Djukic will definitely be an important weapon in the battle for the title in SEHA League for Meshkov.

Pivot: Artsiom Selviasiuk (Meshkov Brest)
In the last couple of rounds, we saw a lot of rotation with the players, and it was definitely a chance for some refreshments, especially with the best teams. A chance was definitely used very well by Artsiom Selviasiuk, who had a noticeable role in matches against Croatian clubs. This Belarusian player scored 4 against PPD Zagreb, and then 5 versus Nexe in Nasice. 100% efficiency in both matches won him the title for the best pivotman in March!

Head coach: Boris Rojevic (Vojvodina)
This season, Vojvodina achieved a historic sixth place in SEHA – Gazprom League, and it was confirmed with two wins in March. A lot of credit goes to Boris Rojevic, who successfully put together the young players with the experiences ones. The young Novi Sad coach brought many positives to this team, that now turns to domestic competitions, where ambitions are definitely high. They are in good form, after two excellent wins over Nexe and Izvidjac, in matches in which they conceded only 39 goals. Congrats to Vojvodina!