Meet the new member of the "Club 100“ and the top scorer of the eighth season - Milos Grozdanic

Milos Grozdanic

It was an epic season for Milos Grozdanic. The 24-years old Vojvodina left winger became the tenth man who joined the "Club 100" after Dainis Kristopans, Radoslav Antl, Igor Vujic, Halil Jaganjac, Blaz Janc, Rastko Stojkovic, Milan Djukic, Zlatko Horvat and Timur Dibirov, who scored more than 100 goals in one SEHA - Gazprom League season since the League was founded in 2011.

However, the plan was different, as the experienced Bosnian national team left winger Alen Ovcina came to Novi Sad last summer. "The idea was that two of us will share minutes on the court during the season. Unfortunately, Alen has suffered a tough injury, so I got the chance to play more than expected, 60 minutes. That's why, I couldn't even dream that it is possible to come close to the 100 goals mark. I didn't think about it, but of course, I am happy and satisfied after all. Satisfaction is always difficult to describe. Full joy will come if we win some trophies in the next two-three months."

Grozdanic, born in Vrbas, where he began his playing career just like his coach Boris Rojevic, played his second season with Vojvodina in the regional competition. “Definitely, the most successful until now for the club. The sixth place in the end is a very good achievement for us. We didn't set our goals too high, but from the first match our aim was to give our best. I need to congratulate my team-mates and the entire staff. This is a good intro for the battles in domestic competitions, League and Cup."

The Serbian champions won seven matches this season, with one draw and 10 defeats. "We have been good from the very beginning. The opener of the season in Nis was great, it was clear even during last summer that composition of the team is very good. We were rising, going forward, playing good matches, but there is still room for improvement in the last part of the season.“

The seven-time Serbian champions made some important scalps like defeating Meshkov Brest, Steaua Bucuresti or Metalurg, but the most valuable win, in opinion of the TOP scorer, was the victory over Nexe. "Definitely, we are the proudest of the win against the team from Nasice. They were in a series of quality matches, and we made great use of our chances to outplay them convincingly. I am sure that my team-mates would agree with me".

Despite his relatively modest experience on international level, Grozdanic wasn't overexcited in "face to face" situations with the goalkeepers in the League. "It helped by a lot to have Svetislav Verkic every day on training. When you practice with one of the best goalkeepers in the League, then everything becomes easier during the matches. Pressure didn't exist. I scored many goals from fast breaks, which means that Verkic and quality defense helped me a lot to achieve such a high number of goals.“

Definitely, SEHA 2018/2019 season will have a special place in his CV. "SEHA - Gazprom League is a good chance for all young players. I knew that even before this season. You play against TOP teams, great players, in an environment which is much more professional than the domestic one. You are gaining experience and attract media attention, which is very important for professional careers of all of us."

SEHA - Gazprom League will have a spectacular finish during the Final 4 in Brest, on April 2nd and 3rd. Top TOP scorer of the 2018/19 season has a favourite for the title. "At the start of the season, I thought that Vardar will take it for the third time in a row. Now, I think differently. Meshkov Brest went level up, they will play in front of home fans in a situation when club and the fans expect the first ever trophy. I thought it will be Vardar, now I pick Meshkov Brest. They have the biggest chances for winning it.“

Milos Grozdanic has all the reasons to be satisfied with his performance and his team during last seven months, but battles in other competitions will start next month, when Serbian Super Liga Play-Off is scheduled. "If we want to play in SEHA – Gazprom League again, we have to do everything to stay on the TOP of Serbian handball. Right now, Zeleznicar and Dinamo are two of the biggest rivals on that way. Vojvodina are going for the seventh trophy in a row", concluded the "king of the goal scorers".