SEHA spectacle as an overture for the best handball in the region!


SEHA Final 4 tournaments always serve as a crown at the end of fantastic season. Except for players who are the main stars at the SEHA podium, the unavoidable function is the magnificent entertainment programme. And during the least years, SEHA has provided thrill each time, with a unique choice of excellent performers whose appearances are regularly breath-taking. So, let's remind ourselves how things looked in the seasons behind us!

Final 4 of the 2014/15 season held in Veszprem was spectacular and already back then set the high organisation bar of the artistic programme. Fantastic light show, energetic performances of 'Frajle' and the resilient DJ have raised the atmosphere that reached the red-hot level! Final 4 in Veszprem was also marked by 3D mapping, that is since then unavoidable at all tournaments.

Next year in Varazdin, the spectacular story continued. Again, we enjoyed the light show, but also the performances of the opera singer Danijela Pintaric, Belarusian cheerleaders, drummers, trumpets and the Escape dance studio. That it was truly amazing, was confirmed by the prize for the best sports event in the Region, won by SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 in Varazdin. 

In the 2016/17 season, the final tournament was hosted by Belarusian city of Brest and offered an unseen number of artists and performers. Performances by BGK cheerleaders, Belarus State Esnemble, parkour group Flouwe, great music performances of Kvintabrass, band Nuteki, Drumkilla drummers and DJ Hrvoje Ruzic were unforgettable. What the spectators enjoyed the most was the stunning light show before each match that was a fantastic experience for all the people inside the Arena!

Last year's Final 4 was held in the Macedonian capital Skopje. Taking care of great entertainment and best memories, were dance studio Escape, Parkour, Macedonian ensemble Tanec, and representatives of Macedonia at Eurosong – group Eye Cue. Thousands of golden confetti, full Arena and indescribable emotions proved that the seventh Final 4 was another successful event in the SEHA studio!

To make the artistic program and the entire event spectacular, a lot of credit goes to our volunteers. The little and big ones, without them each SEHA Final 4 would not be the same. Them, people from the shadow are a big part of SEHA family and are also responsible for putting a smile on the spectators’ faces. Their incredible support is definitely another motive for the organisation, and SEHA is happy to have people who can be counted on.

And this year, we really are expecting fantastic performances and a wide spectrum of performers. Flouwe Parkour Group from Minsk, Camerata - vocal group from Minsk, that produce all the music using only their voices and have the status of honoured ensemble of the Republic of Belarus, will all be with us. We will also enjoy watching Aleksej Baranuk, the world renowned traditional Russian instruments player, then Aerial silk dancer and many more drummers, singers and other artists! Don't miss it!