Great derby: Boškovski and Dvoršek both optimists

Veliki derbi: Boškovski i Dvoršek optimisti pred veliki derbi

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Although this will not be the match between two leading teams in SEHA GSS league due to Tatran's win against Metalurg in Skopje it is still currently the greatest derby of the league. In the week behind us Vardar had time to train for this match and Zagreb played a hard match in Novi Sad. To make the whole match even bigger, winner will become the leading team of the league. In case of a tie this season sensational Tatran from Prešov will remain the leading team of the league.

Here is how coaches are commenting on the match.

Boris Dvoršek, CO Zagreb's coach:

Two probably best teams of the league are playing each other and it is, I believe, the reason good enough for supporters to come to Arena Zagreb. Speaking of the preparations for this match, we let most important players rest while others were training normally. The most important thing against Vardar will be to have the fresh team. They are probably the strongest team of the league. They've invested much money, brought much great Russian players, added Alex Dujshebaev and some experienced Macedonian players. They have right to hope to win the league this season and I am sure they are coming to Zagreb to win the match. Many people also say they're favorites but I don't think so. There is only one favorite in Zagreb and that's us. Their team is the combination of Macedonian national team players and quality backs like Pribak, Karačić or Dujshebaev. By them here are great goalkeepers Angelov, Milić and of course winger Dibirov. This will surely be a hard match but we'll do our best to win.


Andon Boškovski, Vardar's coach:

This is a great rivalry between these two clubs. Zagreb is one of 5 best European teams in last 20 years. We're ready for the match although we have some problems with Angelov and Petrić. First one will be replaced with Malumbres and speaking for the other one we'll decide before the match. Chances are 50-50, we have more quality, they're playing at home. Great match ahead of us.