BiH only SEHA's unbeaten team in the national team week

Behind us is EHF's national team week in which all selections from SEHA GSS league were active. Denmark's EC members have played friendly matches or preparing tournaments and BiH and Slovakia have competed in the first round of qualifications for 2015. WC in Qatar.


Bosnia and Herzegovina has, in qualification group 5 won two matches and was the only SEHA's unbeaten team. Dragan Marković's players have firstly won the match in Estonia 26:29 and then beated Portugal at home, 31:29. These two matches have lifted them to group's top position, next to Latvia. Portugal and Estonia have no points.


Slovaki has in the same competition but in group 2 won the match against Cyprus at home 35:14 and then lost to Romania 32:24. Romania is currently group's leader with 4 points, Slovaki and Italy have 2, Cyprus 0.


Qualifications will continue with January's two matches. Only teams which will finish first in each group go to play-offs with teams that will compete on EC in Denmark.


Croatia has played on Bring Cup in Oslo and finished third. Croats managed to win the match against hosts Norway (28:26) and then lost to Denamrk (28:29) and France (24:29). Winner of the tournament is Denamark, France is second and Norway fourth.


Belarus has had a rich schedule. First she lost to Russia two times with rejuvenated team and then was last on a tournament in Tunisia. They have ther lost to Russia again (27:31), Tunisia (26:25) and played draw with Brasil (30:30). Tunisia was in the end first, Russia second, Brasil third...


Serbia was guest in Czech Republic with their new coach Vladan Matic. First they've played a draw (29:29) and then lost (30:25).



Macedonia and Montenegro have played two matches between each other. Montenegrians have after 80 minutes managed to win the first one (29:28), Macedonians were better in second (26:21).


SEHA GSS league continues on Friday.