7 METERS: Jani Cop (Borac M:tel)

7 METERS: Jani Čop (Borac M:tel)

I want to bring Borac back on track of success

Jani Cop

After 20 years Jani Cop is back in Borac. Great left-hander, right back in Borac last glourious generation with IHF's Cup in 1991 with a big victory over CSKA with Talant Dujshebaev. Today Cop is coach wishing to bring Borac back its glory or at least part of it.


1M There are no much information about your career as a coach. Not nearly as much as for your player career.


I've started as coach in women's Zagorje and managed to bring them to first division. My further engagements were Rudar from Trbovlje, Krško and Grosuplje speaking of men and Greek Patras speaking of women handball with which I've managed to win the league without a lost point. But after that they didn't do what they were supposed to so I decide to leave and come to Banja Luka.


2M Can you compare your time as a player in Banja Luka and as a coach?


It's really hard to compare this. Times have changed. The only thing that has stayed the same is that this is my town and my club and my only wish is to bring Borac on track of glory. SEHA GSS league is very strong and is becoming an important part of the whole European handball which is surely great for us and for our plan.


3M Which is the most important thing for reaching your goal?


Club has to get on a higher level speaking of both, organization and finances. That is possible because Banja Luka has such possiblities. Second is of course good selection of players. Those are things on which we have to build everything.


4M How did crowd react on you as a coach?


Very good and I appreciate it very much. This crowd understands handball and you can't fool them. Support is still not on the same level as it was before but our job is to change it. It won't be easy but I believe in our success.


5M Does Borac have perspective and can you give us some names? Are club's legends helping?


I don't like to talk about names but there are some talents from which I expect to develop in a right way. I also wich to listen what legends think. They are something big this club has and we have to use it.


6M Who are SEHA GSS league's FF candidates in your opinion.


Surely Vardar, Metalurg, Zagreb and Tatran from Presov. Those teams are proving that they're currently on a higher level than anyone else.


7M Why are Slovenian clubs not interested in playing is SEHA GSS league for now?


My information say that clubs are interested but Slovenian handball comitee wants them to play domestic league too not to lose league's quality and quality of whole Slovenian handball. In my opinion, both sides have good arguments. We can see what is happening with Slovenian basketball and that's what handball is afraid of. We have to be rational and find the best way.