We celebrate International Mother Language Day!

Marin Šipić, Matej Hrstić, Qinglong Xie

SEHA – Gazprom League is more than proud to be in such a diverse sporting environment. That's why for the second year in a row we celebrate International Mother Language Day!

Twelve clubs, nine languages, unknown number of dialects and, tehnically, two continents - SEHA's players speak in Mandarin (known in China as Putonghua), Macedonian, Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Slovak, Hungarian and Serbian.

This year, we teamed up with PPD Zagreb and Beijing Sport University's players: Matej Hrstic, Valentino Ravnic, Marin Sipic, Matej Asanin, Zvonimir Srna, Nikola Grahovac, Qinglong Xie and Quan Wang.

Take a look at how players found themselves in different roles on a press conference and don't get confused by Asanin's superb Spanish.

And also, let's not forget our favourite language in SEHA - language of love.