Nexe acquire two new players after Eter and Mrdenovic hung up their boots


Photocredit: Nexe official website

Entire SEHA - Gazprom League is getting busy with acquiring new players and preparing for the Quarter-Final matches. Unfortunately, some teams will have it harder than others. Nexe, who will square off against the defending champions Telekom Veszprem for the Final 4 tournament, are one of them. At the same time they may be the most involved team when it comes to transfers, which could be of great help against Hungarian vice-champions. Firstly, they had a change in personnel in the midst of season, when Branko Tamse took over Hrvoje Horvat's position. Horvat, of course, got an opportunity to lead the Croatian national team and couldn't pass up this chance. After that, Nexe took a different path and this transfer window shows where they want to go.   

Up to this day, Nexe has confirmed two additions to their squad. Predrag Vejin will arrive from Plock, after one season at Wisla. Nexe is going to be the ninth team Vejin has played for in last eight years. 'Thunders' from Nasice will be getting a potent right back with solid outside shot and enough quickness to 'run circles' around defenders.    

Miha Kavcic should be the right person to replace Marko Mrdenovic at the pivot position. He is coming off a prolific season at Gorenje Velenje, who won the Slovenian league and almost participated in the EHF European Cup final. Nexe will be getting an injection of fresh blood that is definitely needed if they want to compete with the likes of Telekom Veszprem in SEHA Gazprom League and PPD Zagreb in their domestic league.

All good things come to an end as some of Nexe fundamental players are leaving the club. Marko Buvinic is departing from Nasice after four years of service and going to HC Dobrogea Sud Constanta. Even though he didn't get a chance to play in this season's edition of the league, he will always be remembered for the impact on Croatian vice-champions. His best season at the club involved scoring 58 goals and 39 assists, while taking Nexe to the 2018/2019 Final 4 tournament. Predrag Vejin therefore has some big shoes to fill, but let's hope everything works out fine for them. Second transfer involves Tomi Vozab, as he is set to leave the club. There is still no information regarding his move, but this will definitely be a great loss for the club. His most productive season was also in 2018/2019, when he played only 14 matches, yet managed to produce over four goals per match.

After their last match, a loss in the Cup final versus PPD Zagreb, two players have said their last goodbye to playing professional handball. Two 37-year olds, Marko Mrdenovic and Albin Eter, retired after spending most of their careers in Nasice. Eter will stick with the club and extend his stay (he has been there since 2006) because he took up the job of Branko Tamse's assistant. Mrdenovic's , former Nexe captain, status is still undisclosed but there is no doubt he will also stay with the 'Thunders' in one way or another.