SEHA introduces itself on women's WC in Belgrade




In nice atmosphere in Belgrade Pub 'Victoria Station', on a free day between semifinals and final, SEHA GSS league has introduced itself. Journalists from all European countries have were called on a cocktail, to talk and share experiences. For many of them this was first contact with the league and the impression league left along with small gifts and souvenirs was surely great.

SEHA GSS league is in this way looking to get closer to other strong handball countries which is really important. It was also nice to see AIPS comission's leaders, led by Austrian Günther Pfeistlinger.

They were all nicely welcomed by SEHA GSS league's director Sinisa Ostoic and home team, Partizan's director Aleksandar Blagojevic. There were of course few words about the league and guests were able to see SEHA league's new magazine which is now also available for everyone on YouTube. The whole event turned out to be great. SEHA GSS league is now one of many sport themes in Norway, Poland, Denmark, Germany...