Extraordinary meeting of the SEHA - Gazprom League Executive Committee

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The SEHA – Gazprom League Executive Committee held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, 1st September 2021, concerning the participation of HC Vardar 1961 at the SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4, from 3rd to 5th of September in Zadar, Croatia.
Due to the fact that the health authorities of the Republic of Croatia have conducted Covid-19 test in the team of HC Vardar 1961 on Tuesday, 31st August, and have received a positive Covid-19 test for one team member. They have imposed the isolation for the positive-tested team member and people who were in contact with this team member, while for the rest of the team there is a possibility of a virus transmition. This recommendations are in line with the new recommendations of the European Union around the growing number of infections in EU countries.
Here is the excerpt from the official decision of the SEHA – Gazprom League Executive Committee:
After an internal discussion, the Executive Committee has checked the documents, recommendations, and agreed with high responsibility and conscience, that the competition and the health of all participants cannot be jeopardized. Due to everything above mentioned the Executive Committee made a decision that HC Vardar 1961 is excluded from the Final 4 of the SEHA – Gazprom League in the season 2020/2021.
Since HC PPD Zagreb was playing against HC Vardar 1961 in the quarter-finals of the competition, and due to the fact that they were the best ranked team of the regular part of the season, the Executive Committee also made a decision that HC PPD Zagreb will be invited to the Final 4 of the SEHA – Gazprom League as a substitute team.