SEHA Instagram no longer under cyber attack


The official Instagram account of the SEHA League (@seha_league) is no longer under cyber attack. As of today, 9 May, the Instagram account is again administered by the SEHA Media Department. 

Together with Httpool Croatia, a Croatian-based company which represents Meta in the Balkan region and Instagram owner, Meta Platforms Inc. itself, SEHA was working on getting back the control of the official Instagram account. After three weeks of extensive communication, the efforts were successful and SEHA is again administrating the official account of the League on Instagram. 

The SEHA apologizes to more than its 25 thousand followers for any inconveniences they might have encountered when SEHA's Instagram account was under attack and wants to emphasize the importance of safety on social media platforms. 

All steps have now been taken to secure the social media platforms, and make sure that the situation like this do not repeat.