Meshkov puts a big pressure on Vardar and Metalurg

Meskov lovcen

Belarus Meshkov Brest has confirmed that the fight for SEHA GSS league's Final Four tournament will be interesting until the end of the regular part of the season. After 34-28 victory against Lovcen in SEHA GSS league's round 12, Meshkov remained fifthe on league's table, right behind Vardar and Metalurg. 

Theoretically neither CO Zagreb or Tatran Presov have secured a place on the F4 tournament, but have a few point advantage on top two positions. Last six rounds will be extremely uncertain and each team must avoid 'bad days' in order to qualify for F4. 

Belarus team expected to have an easy task at home against Lovcen, but had to play hard to break rival's resistance. Hosts have had many ups and downs in their game . Lovcen on the other side had problems with their squad ariving to Brest with only 12 players, without Bogdan Nikolic, Igor Markovic and Lucasz Archruk. Montenegrin champion gave strong resistance until 34th minute when Mirko Radovic scored for 17-16 . It was the last time Lovcen players did some action in "Victoria" hall .

Meshkov's 7-1 series followed and home team led 25:17 after 44 mintues. It was already then clear that Lovcen has no strenght to hit back. The time was too short for any surprises.

In the next round on February 18th, Metalurg will play in Brest, and Lovcen will on February 13th host Tatran Presov .

25.10.Metalurg:Borac m:tel24:17
25.10.PPD Zagreb:Radnički27:18
24.10.Vardar:Tatran Prešov32:26
22.10.MKB-MVM Veszprem:PPD Zagreb27:22
18.10.Borac m:tel:Radnički34:32
15.10.Meshkov Brest:Vojvodina34:22
08.10.Borac m:tel:Vojvodina25:25
Next fixtures
05.11.PPD Zagreb:Metalurg17:00h
05.11.MKB-MVM Veszprem:Meshkov Brest18:00h
07.11.Borac m:tel:PPD Zagreb20:00h
08.11.Meshkov Brest:Vardar18:00h
08.11.Radnički:MKB-MVM Veszprem19:00h
08.11.Vojvodina:Tatran Prešov19:30h
15.11.Tatran Prešov:Radnički18:00h
15.11.Nexe:Borac m:tel19:00h
18.11.PPD Zagreb:Nexe17:00h
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