Meshkov grabbed one point in Osijek

Meškov ugrabio bod u Osijeku

Nexe Meshkov


NEXE and Meshkov have shared points in Gradski vrt hall in Osijek. It was 29:29. The team from Belarus can surely be more satisfied with the outcome. During the bigger part of the match NEXE had advantage with both teams playing weaker in defense and better in offense than usual. Six minutes before the end NEXE had a three goals advantage, but it was not enough. Ljubo Vukic scored for 29:28 and Ivan Karacic has in the end brought Meshkov an equaliser. Sime Ivic was NEXE's top scorer in the match with 7 goals, one more than Dzmitry Kamyshyk in guest team.


Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:

- First of all I would like to thank audience from Osijek for a great support today. It was very interesting game, with plenty of tactical circumvention. We 've had a chance to win this match and that's what makes me happy. We didn't make it in the end, but I believe that we've been a good opponent for SEHA GSS league's F4 participant.


Franjo Lelic, NEXE's right wing:

- We've missed the opportunity to win the match but we also have to be honest and say that our rivals have also in the end had a chance to win today. We know have to play the last match in the elague in Cetinje and then prepare for our domestic championship.


Zeljko Babic, Meshkov's coach:

- It was great handball, fast, dynamic... We had more luck, so I think NEXE was closer to victory. But, we didn't give up. That's the reason why we were in the end awarded.  


Robert Markotic, Meshkov's player:

- For me it is always nice to play against my former club. It always bring some kind of special emotions. NEXE has today again proved that they have young team wit lot of potential. We've reached our goal before this match, qualified for F4 and I believe we'll also have somthing to say in Novi Sad and perhaps even battle for the title.