Vardar with a win over Borac secures a place on F4

Vardar se plasirao na F4 u Novom Sadu

Borac Vardar


Vardar has, with a win over Borac, grabbed the last available spot on the Final Four in Novi Sad. We know now all four teams which will battle for SEHA GSS title. That would be Vardar, Meshkov, Tatran and CO Zagreb. Only thing we'll have to wait for until the edn are final positions and semi-final pairs. Vardar was strongly motivated in Banja Luka and simply did not allow Borac to make a surprise leading with huge +9 on half-time. For Vardar it will be third F4 appearance and Borac can be proud of their fantastic supporters.


Aleksandar Carcev, Vardar's assistant manager:

- We've played well in the first part of the match which was visible on the result. In the second half we weren't playing as we've planned to but the most important thing is taht we are now again on F4.  


Filip Lazarov, Vardar's player:

- We were too relaxed in the second half and good thing is that hosts haven't used it to catch us. It's always pleasure to play in Banja Luka because the crowd is here fantastic. We've needed these points and now we have to prepare in the best possible way for the battle for title.


Jani Cop, Borac' coach:

- The match against Tatran was simply too exhausting for my team which has not been practicing for a while. We were motivated and wanted to play good but we weren't able to. Young players have today showed that Borac has a lot of potential and that's what makes me happy. I'd like to congratulate Vardar on their new F4 appearance.


Stefan Jankovic, Borac' player:

- Vardar is one of the best teams in SEHA GSS league. We've fought as long as we were physicaly able to. I am happy about our supporters being here for us once again. It really means much to us, I have to say it although it has already been said many times. We now have to relax a bit and prepare for Vojvodina.