Vojvodina confirm No.7, big night for Luka Arsenić

Vojvodina potvrdila broj 7, velika večer Luke Arsenića

Borac m:tel - Vojvodina

On wings of Luka Arsenić' big performance Vojvodina has managed to celebrate a dominant victory in a match against Borac. Goalkeeper from Novi Sad had 22 saves and was almost unbeatable in the second half. After first 30 it was 12:14 and them hurricane 5:0 series for guest team to reach a big 21:30 victory in Banja Luka.

Vojvodina has that wa secured position seven leaving Borac in eighth place. By amazing Arsenić, Zoran Nikolić was in amazing form for guests with 6 goals and Miloš Orbović added 5. Borac have scored only 9 in second 30 and obviously Damir Efendić' 12 saves was not enough.

Vojvodina will on 27th of February host Tatran and Borac will the same day welcome NEXE.

Boris Dvoršek, Borac m:tel' coach:

Vojvodina are a better team than we are. They've played good 3-2-1 with transformation to 6-0. Match was over for us at -2 and it happens too often. Really bad performance, I can't say anything else.

Stefan Janković, Borac m:tel' player:

Well all-around performance from Vojvodina. Their defense was there to help goalie and there is nothing much to add.

Nikola Marković, Vojvodina' coach:

Well match from both sides with fans clearly enjoying it. We're at the moment better prepared than Borac and it was visible because pur domestic championship starts much earlier. Our goalie was in great form and that was the key for success.

Zoran Nikolić, Vojvodina' player:

We've opened the season with a victory showing what we were working on in preparations and that's what matters the most.