SEHA Gazprom PRESS team with 'Best 7' picks for March

best 7

Five matches were played in March but considering performances even that was enough for us to pick the best lineup of the month. MVM Veszprem, PPD Zagreb and Vardar were dominating the competition  resulting with  'Best 7' consisting of their players.


Ivan Stevanović (PPD Zagreb)

Amazing form from EURO in Poland continues. In the most important duel of this part of the season Ivan Stevanović was there to turn the match upside down and help Zagreb reach 3 points which have secured them position 3. In the finish of the match he was unbeatable with Zagreb flying for a new victory on wings of his saves.

Left winger

Timur Dibirov (Vardar)

Every time when it is important Timur Dibirov shines. Situation was the same in the first part of the season in Veszprem as it was in March in Skopje for another draw. Mikler experienced whole lot of troubles against great Russian attacker who scored 6 being one of the best players of the match.

Right winger

Peter Gulyas (MVM Veszprem)

This season Gašper Marguč was lonely leading Veszprem' attack on the right side and now when Peter Gulyas is back everything is much easier for both Marguč and Sabate. Gulyas was back with 4 goals against each Tatran and Maks Strumica stating that Veszprem can be relieved  about that problem in the remaining part of the season.


Andreas Nilsson (MVM Veszprem)

It is already known that when Renato Sulić is out Andreas Nilsson does not miss any chance. Amazing Swede does what he has to in every match with 2 goals against Vardar, 5 against Strumica and 1 versus Tatran. Always on point.

Left back

Momir Ilić (MVM Veszprem)

Veszprem' best scorer was out for a long time due to an injury but he got back big time in the derby against Vardar with 10 goals. His return seems to big the biggest plus for Veszprem in the end of the season.

Middle back

Domagoj Pavlović (PPD Zagreb)

Zagreb' sensation of the season was amazing in the match against Meshkov. 6 tough goals against Belarus heavy weight defenders. Back after an injury in the right moment. There is no defence he can't break.

Right back

Luka Šebetić  (PPD Zagreb)

Šebetić has after Stepančić' season-ending injury showed amazing progress. After EURO and national team he is getting more and more constant in form and scoring. 4 important goals in the finish of the match against Meshkov, and 7 in Zagreb' rhapsody in Novi Sad.


Veselin Vujović (PPD Zagreb)

Sabate won more but Vujovic did it in a better way. Win against Meshkov without Horvat and Obranović and then motivational 10 in Novi Sad when it was not so important. That deserves a reward.