TELEKOM VESZPREM: Two titles in two seasons and now they are even stronger


Although there was a possibility of them leaving the League, Hungarian champions have made the opposite decision and they will remain a part of SEHA Gazprom League's company. Two seasons and two titles in regional league, four titles in Hungary and two CL finals. Nothing to add to that.

This season they will be even stronger than before. The team lost left-hander Zeitz but they did a great job searching for right replacements and finding them in Hungarian national team player from Szeged Gabor Ancsin as well as Croatian national team captain Marko Kopljar from Barcelona. One of their most important players, Laszlo Nagy will surely, with Ancsin and Kopljar by his side face a less stressful season which might be the key for Sabate's vision of Telekom Veszprem' success.

In addition, they have acquired two Slovenians - Dragan Gajic on the right wing where he will pair up with another Slovenian Gasper Marguc and experienced Gulyas along with Blaz Blagotinsek who will refresh the pivot line and acompany Nilsson and Sulic.

If we add the goalkeeping duo Alilovic - Mikler, left wingers Ivancsik and Ugalde, left backs Sliskovic and Ilic as well as playmakers Palmarsson, Lekai and Chema says a lot about their ambitions and chances in all competitions they will participate in this season. No.1 favorites in SEHA Gazprom League.

In last two seasons in the competition they have only lost one match and Vardar is still the only team which has managed to steal a point from Veszprem Arena. SEHA is growing, CL is growing and Telekom Veszprem is growing as well. It is hard to say how far they can go but one thing is sure - they dream of the throne.