PPD ZAGREB: Vori, three Slovenians and Vujovic' warriors


PPD Zagreb has two great seasons behind them. Team has grown much stronger with league's best coach of the last season - Veselin Vujovic, which was proven with second in a row Last 8 placement in CL. It is time to go on, refreshed from the last season. Another thing speaks a lot about the level of handball they have displayed last season with Filip Ivic joining Kielce, Lovro Mihic heading to Wisla, Sandro Obranovic being loaned to Szeged, Luka Stepancic joining PSG - all teams among Europe's best. Kovacevic and Sabljic have also left the club...

However, Zagreb is used to things like that, they have managed to fill their lines and it now seems they will be even stronger this season. One of the best Croatian pivots of all time and long time national team captain Igor Vori arrived from PSG along with three Slovenian national team players - Matevz Skok to replace Ivic, David Miklavcic to replace Stepancic as well as Darko Cingesar instead of Mihic. On top of that, PPD Zagreb was reinforced with two youngsters - Lovro Jotic from Dubrava and Josip Eres from Izvidac Central osiguranje. 

Defense will remain strong as last season with Tonci Valcic and Velko Markoski along with remarkable Ivan Stevanovic between posts. They still have experienced Zlatko Horvat, Josip Valcic and younger players like Stipe Mandalinic, Luka Sebetic, Tin Kontrec, Leon Susnja, Stefan Vujic and Domagoj Pavlovic who are all a guarantee for PPD Zagreb to have potential to play against anyone in Europe.

Goals are growing bigger too - CL F4 and SEHA crown. It won't be easy but you can be sure they will do anything to achieve it.