PPD Zagreb and Vujovic part ways, Nikolic leads the team against Tatran

PPD Zagreb bez Vujovića protiv Tatrana

Veselin Vujovic

Veselin Vujovic is no longer PPD Zagreb's coach. Series of bad results in Champions League has resulted in club deciding to part ways with the coach who has managed to bring Zagreb to CL's quarterfinals twice in last two years as well as qualify for SEHA Gazprom Final Four tournaments in both Veszprem and Varazdin. Vujovic' assistant Andrija Nikolic will lead the team until club leaders decide who will become PPD Zagreb's new coach and first challenge for Nikolic and 'Lions' is scheduled for Tuesday (17.00 CET) when they will in Sutinska vrela sports hall host Tatran Presov. 

Both teams have failed to secure wins in Champions League's last round a few days ago with Zagreb failing to beat Meshkov at home and Tatran falling two-goals short against Elverum on road.

So far in SEHA Gazprom League PPD Zagreb have 4 wins and a loss. Tatran's score is completely different as they have 4 losses and a win. However, Tatran has always been a tough opponent for PPD Zagreb and it is sure that Trtik's boys will do everything to take advantage of the situation Zagreb is currently in and take some points back to Slovakia.

Andrija Nikolic, PPD Zagreb coach: 
We expect a victory despite of the fact that situation is far from ideal. It will be a tough game but I think we're a better team and that we'll win this on. Players are more-less ready and prepared, only Jotic has minor health problems and might miss the match. Tatran is a good team playing on a high level in SEHA League for a long time now but I repeat, I believe we'll win.

Igor Vujic, PPD Zagreb player:  
Rhythm is high, it won't be easy. Tatran are a tough team which is coming to visit in a quite tough moment for us but despite of that I feel like we need to play this one as a team, give our best and deliver best possible performance tomorrow.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran coach:
We have a really demanding schedule of games and so does PPD Zagreb. Both teams need to win so it will be a very tough game. Details can decide winner. PPD are favorites but we will fight hard until the end of the match. If we want to be successful, we have to deliver totally different performance compared to our last game versus Elverum in Champions League.

Leon Vucko, Tatran player:
PPD Zagreb have been in a little crisis, so now they know they have to win. On Saturday they've played a really tough game losing to Meshkov Brest in Champions League. They are big favorites ahead of the match but we'll play hard for 60 minutes and try to surprise them.