Derby of the bottom in Ljubuski - QOTD: Can Izvidjac reach first points?

Derbi začelja, može li Izviđač do prvih bodova?

Jakub Hrstka

After a big Champions League victory in Russia, Tatran will on Tuesday play Izvidjac in Ljubuski with hosts being the only team so far this season which has not managed to grab a single point yet. All losses in eight appearances for the team of Ljubuski and interesting is that Tatran is currently ninth with 6 losses and two wins. Can tough schedule harm Slovak team and give fans in Ljubuski a reason to celebrate is yet to see with the match being scheduled for 17.00 CET.  

Zdenko Grbavac, Izvidjac CO coach:
We need our fans as our eighth player tomorrow. Tatran is coming to visit in a tough moment for us as we've played our worst match in the League last week in Skopje. We've tried to sort things out in last few days but we're missing injured Matej Hrstic. However, I believe players will give their best and we'll try to surprise experienced team of Presov although it surely won't be easy.

Josip Sarac, Izvidjac CO player:
We'll have a hard game tomorrow but have to rise with the help of all of our players as well as fans, make things function better than it was in Skopje against Metalurg and look for a way to stun experienced Tatran.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran coach:
We'd like to continue delivering performances as we did last week. We certainly won't underestimate hosts and we will prepare for the match thoroughly. I believe our tactics will work again and we will take important three points.

Leon Vucko, Tatran player:
A very difficutl away game in Ljubuski is ahead of us. Izvidac is a young team which plays every home game in front of full stands. We' ve played them in Doboj beating them easily but this time it will not be the same. We may be favorites comparing our rosters and with two big wins last week but it was tough even for stronger teams to beat Ljubuski.