History of previous Final 4 events

Final 4 - vardar pokal

Short SEHA history 

Season 2011/12Champion VARDAR

After the idea of forming the League was introduced in Belgrade back in February 2011, it was established later that year (25th of May) with its first president Sandi Sola and with regional competition starting in August. In its first season 12 clubs were in and it has, despite of some problems, managed to survive its first season. After the end of regular part of the season, top positioned team was Croatian champion Zagreb.Zagreb Arena was later on chosen to host League's first Final tournament, Final Four with two Macedonian representative participants and with Vardar being crowned after the clash against Metalurg.

Final match:Vardar vs. Metalurg21:18 (10:12)

Season 2012/13Champion ZAGREB

Second season was a new step forward. Although number of participating clubs has been reduced to 10 and although Serbia has decided to 'freeze' its status everything worked better and looked more professional as a proof that League is doing great. Belarus representative Meshkov was a rookie and Mihajlo Mihajlovski has become League's new president.Interesting is that team from Brest has in its premier season managed to finish first after the regular part of the season but they were not able to confirm the regular season corn on Final Four in Skopje. Champions from the first season, Vardar, were in final match beaten by Zagreb which was in semi-final better than Belarus team. 

Final match:CO Zagreb vs. Vardar PRO 25:24 (21:21) - extra time

Season 2013/14Champion VARDAR PRO 

Russian energetic giant Gazprom has with its entrance brought League's best season so far as well as new name - South Stream. For the first time, League was made out of clubs from 7 countries with Serbia deciding to come back in. Number of clubs however remained 10 and League has once again showed big progress.Slovak champions Tatran have managed to finish first after the regular part of the season but were not able to confirm the first place on Final Four in Novi Sad. For the first time Meshkov from Brest have managed to reach final but Vardar Skopje were better winning second SEHA crown.

Final match:Vardar PRO vs. Meshkov Brest 29:27 (14:15)

Season 2014/15Champion MKB MVM Veszprem

Fourth season was advanced version of the season before it. Biggest news was Hungarian champion MKB MVM Veszprem deciding to join the League with Hungary becoming eight country to have a representative in SEHA GSS League. Difference from the earlier season was Montenegro deciding to 'freeze' its status resulting with SEHA once again having participants from 7 countries.In their first season MKB MVM Veszprem has even managed to reach regular season title losing only one match in the whole season.Final tournament was for the first time played with 6 participating clubs, with so called little semis for teams positioned 3-6 and traditional Final Four which Veszprem and Vardar have managed to reach directly finishing on top after the regular part of the season. Veszprem has managed to go all the way and take their first title.  

Final match:MKB MVM Veszprem vs. Meshkov Brest 3

Season 2015/16Champion MVM Veszprem

Fifth season of SEHA - Gazprom League has brought us some changes considering participant clubs. Instead of Radnički from Kragujevac, Spartak Vojout from Subotica became Serbian second representative and on the other side Maks from Strumica has after four years replaced Metalurg as second representative from Macedonia.European schedule was also quite changed but League was played until the end with favored teams reaching top spots in the end. MVM Veszprem, reigning champions, are on top with Vardar, PPD Zagreb and Meshkov behind them which has in the end brought us to same clubs participating on Final Four but with different semi-final pairs and with Varaždin as a host-city.That means that last season' finalists MVM Veszprem and Meshkov will meet in semis as well as two other SEHA title holders from the past - PPD Zagreb and Vardar. Tatran and NEXE were really close and interesting is that Maks from Strumica have finished the season without a victory and that Veszprem did not experience losing in the season behind us.

Final match:MVM Veszprem vs. Vardar 28:26