Presenting Gorenje Velenje

Gorenje Velenje

Biggest change for Gorenje Velenje will actually be the one off the court with former Croatian national team coach Zeljko Babic replacing Borut Plaskan on their bench. This will be his second SEHA club after Meshkov Brest. His job will not be easy as he has agreed to take over a team which has a lot of potential but lost Luka Mitrovic whose experienced meant a lot to them last season.

Team has three reinforcements for the season, on all three back-court positions which clearly suggests what style will Gorenje adopt in the season ahead of us. On the left side Jan Grebenc, Slovenian bronze medallists from France, will join Potocnik and Levc, Montenegrin Zarko Pejovic will help Ovnicek in the middle and on the right side Robert Markotic, former NEXE's player, will serve as backup for Cehte.

The rest of the team is quite experienced and well-balanced with Toskic and Klec running the pivot game, Medved on left wing along with Brumen and Golcar on the right and with great goalkeeping duo Ferlin - Zaponsek.

Gorenje is not a favorite but knowing Babic' style they will surely know how to take advantage of even the smallest mistakes opponents commit.