Can Vojvodina do better than last season?


This weekend brings more than just SEHA- Gazprom League action. After Tatran and Dinamo, Vojvodina is set to start their European journey. They are playing a double-header as a part of the EHF Cup Qualification Round 1 against the Greek vice-champions A.C Doukas. The Serbian champions will be relieved that both matches are going to be played in Novi Sad, as Vojvodina’s schedule is already quite tight at the start of the season.

Vojvodina has some history playing in the European competitions. Last season, the Novi Sad- based team couldn’t get past the first qualifying stage; Handball Kaerjeng from Luxembourg had won both matches. This season they are keen not to let that happen again. This time Vojvodina is going against the Greek vice-champions Doukas, a team that has been participating in the Challenge Cup for the past 5 years, reaching the quarter-final last season.

Vojvodina started this season with consecutive losses. In Round 1 their rivals Dinamo beat them in Novi Sad and in Round 2, Nexe won 33:28. It’s fair to say, it hasn’t been the start Vojvodina was hoping for. That’s exactly why these two games are important to restore confidence into the squad, the Serbian team definitely has it in them to beat A.C Doukas.

The matches are on Saturday and Sunday, both starting at 18:30. A good thing for the fans is the entrance is free of charge, so make sure you support Vojvodina at the start of their European journey! Good luck!