Gonzalez: ”Vojvodina managed to create some problems for us“

Raul Gonzalez

Vardar - Vojvodina 37:22 (17:13)

(Popovski 10; Gjorgjeski 18 saves / Trifkovic 6; Jelic 11 saves)


Dragan Kukic, Vojvodina coach:
Congrats to Vardar on a well-deserved win. It was a game of cat and mouse, between European champs and our young and inexperienced team. They dominated every part of the game, there was simply nothing we could do to stop them tonight. We gave some players a bit more time to rest with the match against Dinamo Pancevo right around the corner which we see as a chance to win some points.


Radovan Ostojic, Vojvodina player:
Congrats to Vardar, there is not much left to say about their quality. We came here without a few injured players and by that we have a match against our national rivals Dinamo to play next week so we’re preparing for that duel.

Raul Gonzalez, Vardar coach:
Vojvodina managed to create some problems for us during the first half and I congratulate them on that. They played with great both motivation and focus and the overall feeling was not so good on our side after the first half. However, we were better in the second half and they appeared to be a bit tired so we took the chance enlarging the gap. I’m pleased with our performance today, especially with outings young players like Martin Popovski and Daniel Gjorgjeski delivered today.

Martin Popovski, Vardar player:
Dynamic match. Guests did not give up until the final whistle despite of the big advantage we made. We’re both already looking towards our national derbies in SEHA League where we’ll play Metalurg and they will meet Dinamo, both on Saturday. I hope we’ll be able to prolong our winning streak even more and keep it alive at least until the end of the year in upcoming two matches.