Horvat: “We simply did not have the right mentality going into the match“

Dinamo - Nexe

Dinamo - Nexe 25:25 (12:9)

(Bunjevcevic 7, Pilipovic 5 / Buvinic 8, Barisic Jaman 7)


Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
I don’t think we even deserved this point at all. Psychology is a big thing in sports, we simply did not have the right mentality going into the match. We have a young team and something just went wrong. I’d like to congratulate the team of Pancevo on a good game.


Marko Buvinic, Nexe player:
We were far from good with way too many ups and downs in our game which home team was smart enough to use. I’d like to congratulate them on their performance today and on a fair match.

Ivan Petkovic, Dinamo Pancevo coach:
We’ve played good 35-40 minutes and that’s what makes me happy. I believe we earned this point if nothing just because of the way we entered it, how focused we were from the first minute. However, Nexe have a way more experienced players, know what they can expect in SEHA League and that decided everything. Good first half from our side but our attack in the second was quite poor.

Jovan Stojanovic, Dinamo Pancevo player:
Our defense was really good in first 30 and in the second we lacked strength to fulfill everything we agreed on before the match and during the half time. Nexe’s power-play actions late into the game decided everything in my opinion.