EHF EURO 2018, Day 4: Slovenia share points with Germany, Macedonia edge out Montenegro

Slovenia - Germany

SEHA players and countries were in action once again, and we had some shocking results. Slovenia's draw against Germany was perhaps the most memorable match, alongside Czech Republic's win over Denmark.

Group C (Zagreb): Slovenia: Germany 25:25 (15:10)For most of the game Slovenia looked like a much better team than Germany, and they had the lead for quite a while. Celje PL's Urban Lesjak saved three 7m shots in the first half and the spirit was high in Slovenia's lineup. They even had a 6-goal lead at one point, but it was not enough. Germany fought their way into the match, but Blaz Janc scored a goal with a couple of seconds remaining to give his team a one goal lead. Unfortunately in the very last second Germany was awarded a 7m shot, and Tobias Reichmann scored to give his team a point. Miha Zarabec had 5 goals for Slovenia, with Mackovsek, Blagotinsek and Janc netting 4 times. Lesjak had 9 saves, Uwe Gensheimer had 7 goals for Germany.

Group C (Zagreb): Montenegro- Macedonia 28:29 (16:15)The first half was really close, with both teams holding onto the lead for some time. However, Macedonia established themselves as the better team in the second half, and deservedly got the victory. It is an important victory for Gonzalez's team, as they now have 4 points from 2 matches and are sitting on top of the Group C. It was Metalurg's captain Filip Kuzmanovski who scored 5 goals to lead the team to their second victory. Manaskov, K. Lazarov and Mirkulovski chipped in with 4. Stefan Cavor had 6 goals for the losing side, that is close to being eliminated after 2 matches.

Group D provided a big shock, as Czech Republic stunned Denmark- 28:27. After a poor performance and a huge loss to Spain the result was really unexpected. Hrstka and Horak scored 4 goals, Tomas Cip added 3, but it was Ondrej Zdrahala with 8 goals that led they way for Czechs.

In the other match in Group D, Spain beat Hungary 27:25 in a great team performance, as they had 4 players with 4 goals. They are now first in the group due to Denmark losing to Czech Republic.