Marsenic: “There are many good young players in Vojvodina’s roster“

Mijajlo Marsenic

Vojvodina - Vardar (32:36)

(Nadoveza 6, Bojanic 6, Trifkovic 5 / Cindric 7, Maqueda 5, Karacic 5)


Kasim Kamenica, Vojvodina coach:
I can be satisfied with the way we’ve played in attack today scoring 32 goals, five more than what was our record so far this season. Considering defense, I feel like players still haven’t reached their max but I’m happy with our young goalie Jandric who finally made a good use of his minutes fully displaying his potential. We still have one more SEHA match to play this season, in Slovenia against Celje and then we can start focusing on Serbian Cup.


Todor Jandric, Vojvodina goalkeeper:
It was a great honor to share the court with European champs today. I think we can learn a lot from this game. Today we played without three important players who are dealing with injuries so younger ones got a bit more chance to show what they’re capable of. What’s important is that we’re obviously raising the level of our form which is great ahead of Serbian Cup Final four. 

Raul Gonzalez, Vardar coach:
Vojvodina played a good game, great in some moments. We were able to give chance to all of our players today and I’m satisfied with the way we’ve managed to keep the tempo high scoring lots of goals. It’s important to keep the high rhythm and slowly prepare for the final tournament in SEHA League as well as Champions League’s knockout phase.

Mijajlo Marsenic, Vardar player:
First of all I’d like to congratulate their young goalkeeper Jandric on an extraordinary first half. There are many good young players in Vojvodina’s roster. For us, the most important thing was to finish the game without injuries. We’re now focusing on SEHA F4 and CL quarter-finals.