Players to watch 2nd semi-final match: Urh Kastelic - Borut Mackovsek

Borut Mackovsek

Two Slovenian national team players will probably play key roles for their teams in a semi-final face-off between PPD Zagreb and Celje PL. Urh Kastelic, who grew up in Celje later deciding to join Zagreb in search of a real chance, will stand between posts for the Croatian champions. 22-year old became a vital part of the team, when experienced Skok left the club during the winter break, proving everyone he is the guy you can count on. Probably the most important part of one of the League’s best defenses. 

Everyone knows Celje PL are playing fast handball. However, prior to this season, when a team managed to stop them in their tracks, their winning chances used to get way lower. This season the situation does not look that way and the main reason is the back-court bomber Borut Mackovsek. Celje’s killer slowly adopted the role of their most important player in both attack and defense and he will surely be a player a lot of things will depend on in the semi-finals. The outcome of the battle between Kastelic and Mackovsek might decide everything…