Gorenje Velenje announce their new head coach

Gorenje Velenje

It was announced by the club from Velenje that the new first team coach is going to be Zoran Jovicic. Jovicic is a former Slovenian international, who started his coaching career in Koper 2013.

After sacking Zeljko Babic, the club went on to appoint Klemen Luzar, but it was clear he was not going to be a permanent solution. On the other hand, Zoran Jovicic, who enjoyed a successful career with the Slovenian national team, will hopefully prove himself as man worthy of the opportunity. He has experience in managing in Slovenia, as he did well with Koper 2013 and LL Grosist Slovan from Ljubljana.

Gorenje Velenje will go through some major changes next season, as many players including Cehte and Potocnik will leave the club in the summer. This season they finished 3rd in Slovenia and 5th in the SEHA – Gazprom League, whilst also playing some excellent matches in the EHF Champions League. It will definitely not be an easy task for Jovicic, but he promised to try and get the maximum of the 'new' Gorenje Velenje roster.