Vujovic: ’It will be difficult, but not impossible!’


Bad start on all fronts with two convincing defeats in SEHA - Gazprom League against Vojvodina and Vardar as well as and early-end of their EHF Cup campaign following the loss against Kaerjeng from Luxembourg on Sunday, put a lot of pressure on coach Veselin Vujovic and his team. They will on Tuesday (19.00 CET) have a chance for redemption in front of their fans in Cair sports hall welcoming Meshkov Brest.

Guests from Belarus are coming to Serbia with a rejuvenated roster which will look much like the one that played in Ljubuski but with a clear goal to win the match. Belarussian champs started the season off well with new coach Manolo Cadenas in command and they will most definitely look to make it three-from-three in Nis.

The match can be followed live on Arena Sport channels, Sport TV, SportKlub Poland and ehfTV

Veselin Vujovic, Zeleznicar coach:

I can’t say much about their roster because I don’t who will they bring to Nis but it will definitely be a strong, quality team. They are without doubt favorites but a win in this match would secure us a lot of positive energy. It will be difficult but not impossible and that’s why we have to focus on winning upcoming matches in order to restore self-confidence and bring fans back to Cair.

Andrija Madjar, Zeleznicar player:

We’ll on Tuesday play probably one of the best teams in the league. Situation doesn’t look very good for us as we are still on our way back from Luxembourg where we suffered a tough defeat but we’ve got to put all the bad things aside and try to focus on this match. Whoever they bring to Nis it won’t be easy but we’ll do everything we can to deliver a good performance and in the end see what it brings us. Guys like Damjanovic, Milosavljevic and others who couldn’t help us in Luxembourg will all play on Tuesday so that’s another plus for us.

Andrey Mochalov, Meshkov Brest coach:

We’re playing one of League rookies who will definitely look to snap the losing streak against us at home. We’re traveling to Serbia with a young team but we’ll definitely look to win the match. We’ll make one substitution comparing our roster for this match to the one that played in Ljubuski and that is Babko who will step in instead of Charapenka.

Artsiom Selviasiuk, Meshkov Brest player:

I think this team did a good job in Ljubuski and also gained some self-confidence. I’m sure we’ll all do everything we can to win the match in Nis as well.