Cervar: 'We were dealing with certain problems, but the outcome is satisfying'

Cervar Press

PPD Zagreb - CSA Steaua Bucuresti 24:17 (9:8)

(Mandic 5, Jotic 5 / Vujic 3, Humet 3)

Ovidiu Mihaila, Steaua coach:
We've been dealing with quite tough schedule lately and that was today well visible with my players looking really tired. I believe if we were not as tired, the difference would in the end be two or three goals, definitely not seven. But, we have what we have and now we must forget this match and start preparing for what's ahead of us.

Lino Cervar, PPD Zagreb coach:
We're also dealing with specific problems as some of our players got ill and weren't able to suit up for today. With all of that in mind I believe we can be satisfied with the outcome. Second half was obviously better on both sides of the court and we decided the match in that period. I hope all players will get better soon and be ready for the match against Szeged.

Stefan Vujic, Steaua player:
Zagreb delivered a solid performance today really. We are dealing with a lot of injuries and harsh schedule so this outcome was maybe somehow expected. Our goal here was to improve our defense and I believe we did well against a team which only a few days ago scored 20 goals in the first half. Experience we're getting from playing in this league is huge and I believe we'll make a great use of it.

Lovro Jotic, PPD Zagreb player: 
First half was not as fluent from our side as it should have been, our defense was not on the required level. Second half was obviously better and I believe this was a good test for us ahead of the duel against Szeged.