Horvat: 'We were fully focused throughout the full course of the match'

Nexe - Zeleznicar 1949

NEXE – Zeleznicar 34:25 (20:13)

(Vozab 10, Sipic 5, / Vejin 7, Milovanovic, Milosavljevic, Spasic 3)


Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach:

We knew our opponents often open matches in a good way. I feel like when we changed our defense it allowed us to score some easy goals in a row. Zeleznicar' defense was not as aggressive as we thought it would be and we were on the other side fully focused throughout the full course of the match which is why I'd like to congratulate my players.


Moreno Car, NEXE goalkeeper:

Goalkeeper can never have many saves without the help of his defense and today my defense helped me as they were playing really excellent. We have two younger goalies so when one is not doing good the other must be ready to jump in and replace him. 


Veselin Vujovic, Zeleznicar coach:

If handball rules changed and matches lasted for 20-25 minutes, then we would maybe stand a chance. NEXE scored way too many easy goals tonight, they are a much better team at the moment. We have big problems with our defense, nothing I try seems to work and it's clear we'll have to work on that aspect of our game a lot. 


Andrija Madjar, Zeleznicar player: 

We were not able to implement some ideas coach shared with us prior to the match. We've had some good periods but it was obviously not enough against an opponent like this, for this level.