Buvinic: 'Today we were a team'


Nexe - Vojvodina 29:23 (15:9)
(Buvinic 9 / grozdanic 7)

Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach:

Interesting match. We knew Vojvodina can deliver a solid performance which is why we didn't afford ourselves to slow down until the very end. Three new points are here and I can say I'm satisfied with this win but there are still aspects of the game we must work on. 

Marko Buvinic, NEXE player:

I had a good role today and some other time someone else will jump out. Most important thing is we work together as a team. Win is important but we must keep up the good work and keep on improving. 

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:

I always enjoy coming to Nasice. I enjoyed it back when I was playing and I enjoy it now when I'm a coach. I like the way NEXE are playing handball. We're dealing with a lot of injury problems and as a result we arrived to Nasice without four important players so I guess the outcome is not that bad after all. It can however always be better and we must keep on working and help our younger players develop. 

Srdjan Milic, Vojvodina player

First half was not really good because it was clearly visible we're missing some players. We've managed to improve in the second but in the end all I can say is congrats to NEXE on this victory here today.