Nexe back on winning tracks after a win over Izvidjac

Marin Sipic

Nexe have on Sunday evening managed to reach their second win this season over Izvidjac. In the end it was 22:17 as NEXE make another step towards final tournament placement. Hrvoje Horvat and his players have with this win managed to quickly return to winning tracks after the loss against PPD Zagreb in Varazdin in the last round. Izvidjac on the other hand remain on the bottom as the only winless team in the League. However, youngsters from Ljubuski presented themselves in a good manner against favored hosts in Nasice.

Hosts started the match off well despite of missing their best scorer Tomi Vozab as well as right back Marko Buvinic and goalie Mihailo Radovanovic. Home-team's biggest advantage in this one was +6 (14:8) after Jelinic scored one as the time ran out in the first.

In the second half guests managed to reduce the gap to only three goals but home-team's experience turned out to be the key in this one.

Vedran Zrnic finished the match witb seven goals (four from seven-meter line). Nexe's goalkeeper Moreno Car delivered a solid outing as well with 11 saves. Vedran Delic netted five for Izvidjac.