Milosavljev stops Vojvodina in Novi Sad

Vojvodina - Vardar

Vardar managed to stay on Final 4 road after a 26:23 win over Vojvodina in Novi Sad reclaiming the pole position in the standings 14 rounds into the season. 

Their hero of the day in Slana bara sports hall was, without doubt, Serbian national team goalie Dejan Milosavljev whose 11 saves clearly decided this one. Milosavljev sealed the deal with three saves in final five minutes which allowed Macedonian to open the gap late grabbing three new points. 

Four minutes until the final whistle situation was far from ideal for favored Macedonians with teams being levelled at 23. However, that’s when Milosavljev on the defensive side and Stas Skube on the offensive took off putting an end to this one leading Vardar’s three-goal scoring series. 

Skube finished the match with seven scoring four of the last five goals for his team in this one. Ivan Cupic led scorers with eight while Nemanja Vucicevic, Branko Tomic, Sasa Marijanac and Dusko Celica netted three each for highly-motivated Serbian side.