Unique music, fantastic dancing and more; SEHA’s spectacular entertainment programme

Entertainment programme

To accommodate the best handball, SEHA – Gazprom League once again made sure to provide incredible entertainment for the fans. Spectacular action on the court requires equally spectacular performances by talented artists. They all greatly contributed to make the 2019 Final 4 in Brest a beautiful experience for everyone involved.

All four matches started with performances of singers, drummers, dancers or other musicians. Fantastic drummers from Minsk made sure to raise the atmosphere before each match, and they were accompanied by the charming Kvintabrass trumpet players from Brest and Flouwe Parkour group from Minsk. The performances continued in a more classic fashion with violinist Natalya Rutskaya and singing performances from Alena Kulikova and Ksenia Aksjutik from Muzzart band from Brest. Fantastic atmosphere continued in Victoria Sports Hall with the energetic Flouwe Parkour group and the guys who combined their amazing trampoline skills while handling the beautiful SEHA ball.

One of the most impressive performances was definitely by the Camerata group. Many fans could not believe the music they produce was only with their voices. Their special talent and chemistry not only left the fans stunned, but this SEHA Final 4 simply confirmed their status as one of the worldwide renowned artist groups. Acts by Aleksej Baranuk, traditional instrument player and the aerial silk dancer from Belarusian State Circus from Minsk were a great addition to the whole traditional group of acts that amazed everyone! But the entertainment programme was not done just yet, as the BGK cheerleaders, nine more drummers and forty children holding flags and throwing balls were also a part of the big finale ahead of the matches.

In total, well over 120 people were involved in the organisation and performances of the entertainment programme. We hope everyone enjoyed the programme, the matches, and the entire spectacular 8th SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4!