SEHA Final 4 would be impossible without them: volunteers in Brest, Belarus


After the 2017 SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4, held in Brest for the first time, everyone involved in organising the spectacular event in Belarus was extremely happy with work put in. SEHA team knew how much was done to make every piece of the Final 4 tournament as perfect as possible, but nothing would have been possible without the amazing volunteers. Apart from their commitment and dedication to the role each and every one of them had, their teamwork and friendly character were just beautiful to see, too.

One of the first tasks, after the announcement that the 2019 SEHA Final 4 will also be held in Brest, was to contact the volunteers from 2017. Luckily, the majority of them gladly accepted the invitation and they were ready to organise another spectacle in the Victoria Sports Hall in Brest. Volunteers in Brest at the SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 are students of foreign languages at Brest University. Their English is excellent and communication was never an issue at the Final 4. But, what sets them apart is their dedication to the job and willingness to learn and especially help as much as possible. An opportunity to volunteer and work at events like the SEHA Final 4 does not present itself that often, so that experience is definitely precious. Also, the work environment is very professional and up to the highest standards seen in the handball world, which also means some skills are transferrable to future jobs. This is especially if they want to stay in handball since most of the volunteers like the sport and what it brings, even though they have not necessarily played handball before.

Most importantly, volunteering at the SEHA Final 4 provides valuable opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else, particularly when studying at university. Of course, it’s a great chance to practice and develop language skills, in a professional environment, which is not always the case in day-to-day life. And since SEHA – Gazprom League is such an international environment it’s also an opportunity to meet new people, see and understand their opinions that are shaped by the culture they come from.

Volunteers also made the SEHA Final 4 possible and we want to thank them one more time for an amazing job! We learned from them and they learned from us. All the people working there experienced handball, together, and we look forward to the next SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4, wherever it may be!