Branko Tamse: “We opened the match just like we wanted“

Branko Tamse

Metaloplastika – PPD Zagreb 25:28 (13:13)
Babic 5, Maticic 5 / Horvat 6, Mandic 6

Veselin Vukovic, Metaloplastika coach:
I want to congratulate to our guests from Zagreb on their win and fair play. I am glad that our fans were here, cheering for us and that they showed that sport is the best ambassador for peace.

Todor Jandric, Metaloplastika goalkeeper: 
I would like to congratulate PPD Zagreb on their amazing play. We were not completely ourselves, maybe because this is the first match of the season. The result of the first half of the match was good, but in the second half we made some tehnical mistakes. PPD Zagreb managed to secure an advantage and, at the end, they won. 

Branko Tamse, PPD Zagreb coach: 
I would like to applaud the amazing fans in Zorka hall, I would also like to congratulate Metaloplastika on their amazing achievements in the EHF Cup, but also on the great match today. They played really good and caused us some problems. We opened the match just like we wanted to but then we did not continue with that great play. At the end, this is the first match and I want to congratulate the players! 

Matej Asanin, PPD Zagreb goalkeeper:
First matches of the season are always the hardest. Through the whole match we were trying to find the best tempo and we were not consistent in our play. There is a lot of space for improvement so we will try to improve in the upcoming matches.