David Pisonero: “In the second half we got better and most importantly, we won“

David Pisonero

Vardar - Nexe 27:25 (14:14)

(Dibirov 9, Dissinger 6 / Mileta 4, Dumencic 4 )

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach: 
Congratulations to Vardar on their deserved victory and for everything they did last season which was incredible. I think the match was dynamic, there were a lot of contacts and very interesting situations for us coaches. We tried with a 5-1 defense against Vardar attack that starts from Skube. In the first half our attack was good, but in the second half we missed a few shots and a team like Vardar knew how to use it. I'm happy that we fought to the end and that the audience saw the youngest Nexе team in the last 10 years. Surely there is room for improvement and matches with teams like Vardar make us better.

Mihailo Radovanovic, Nexe goalkeeper: 
Congratulations to Vardar for the deserved victory and also to my team that fought to the end and showed character. We must not allow some details to affect our success. Maybe we wouldn't win but I think we had a chance to make a good result. 

David Pisonero, Vardar coach:
Congratulations to Nexe for a good match tonight. The match was similar to Sunday's with Porto. In the first half we did not play well, but in the second half we got better and most importantly we won. In these matches against Porto and the Nexes we faced their attack 7-6 and I think we did well. We didn't use a lot of players in the rotation, but in two days we played two tough matches and also in the following days we will continue with that rhythm in the upcoming matches.

Alen Kjosevski, Vardar player:
I want to thank to my coach Pisonero for giving me the chance to play. If I am in the squad in the next matches I will do my best and try to play the best I can. It is a great honor for me to play in the first team for Vardar and the it is the privilege to have the opportunity to learn from the best.