Metaloplastika beat Meshkov Brest in a clash full of new records


Serbian vice-champions, Metaloplastika secured their first points of the season. They were better than Belarusian Meshkov Brest 35:33 (20:14) on the home court. This was in many ways very special match for Metaloplastika because they celebrated the first victory in their come-back season after being absent for many seasons. 

Two players will remember this night at Zorka hall as a special one. Metaloplastika's left back Borivoje Djukic set his career record with 15 goals scored in one match, while Meshkov Brest's right back Mikita Vailupau scored 20 goals which is the all-time record for goals scored in a single match of the SEHA - Gazprom League.

Rejuvenated Belarusian squad began good with 6:4 lead in the first 10 minutes of the match. Metaloplastika's goalkeeper Todor Jandric was the leader of turnover together with left back Djukic. Both youngstars put their team 6 goals ahead of the opponents at the half time.

Amazing shooting performance of Vailupau at the start of the second half, six goals scored in nine minutes, put Meshkov Brest only a goal behind the home team. The 24-years old lefthander tied result on 24:24 just a few minutes after.

Djukic and right wing Aleksa Kljajic led 3:0 series after Meshkov came close, but not good enough to take the match on their side. Two minutes before the final buzzer, Djukic netted for 34:31 and made sure that his team will take the points at the end. 

Incredible Borivoje Djukic with 15 goals was the best scorer in the winning team, while Mikita Vailupau with his unbelievable 20 goals was the biggest star of Meshkov Brest's squad tonight.